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We Are All Kin to the Cove

Remote Theater Project Presents a performance piece in conversation with Sarah Cameron Sunde's 36.5/ A Durational Performance with the Sea.


The Cove at 31st Ave. and Vernon Boulevard is host to an art collective born out of 36.5 called Kin To The Cove, bringing awareness of the global climate crisis and Sunde’s culminating performance on September 14th.

Our 3–week summer intensive invited participants from the surrounding community to create an original site-specific performance. Using observations at the Cove, found objects, sound, interviews with local residents, and colonial history of the neiGHborhood, the group has generated a unique performance piece.  The community CAME together to discuss our relationship to water and to this special corner of the city, a refuge on the banks of the East River facing the north end of Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

We invite everyone to join us AT 6PM on Sunday July 31st at The Cove for this

special event.

The performance will be followed by a small reception and a "KIN DIG", an artist talk by Sunde, explaining 36.5 and its New York Iteration AND the journey of the project. This is an opportunity to ask questions and find out ways to get involved with the project as it approaches its final performance. 

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